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Magna Fall
Magna Fall is a four-piece rock band based in Seoul, South Korea.  The band was formed in 2010 by original members David Holden (drums) from Ireland, and Kevin Heintz (guitar, vocals) from USA. They were later joined by Do Joongmo (guitar) and Lee Yeonsu (bass) in July 2013. Magna Fall have released two Eps (“Japan” 2012 / ‘Space Kitchen’ 2014) and one 3-track single album (‘No Mirror’ 2013). Their latest EP (‘Space Kitchen’) was released in March 2014. The band are currently working on material for their first full length album.
Magna Fall's sound can be described as an eclectic blend of progressive rock, punk, grunge, and post rock, with electronic music occasionally coloring their sound. The resulting product is an art of disembodied, spacey tones with tight chord structures pierced by sharp melodies and riffs.
Magna Fall are performing throughout Korea at clubs, TV/Radio broadcasts, and top festivals; including Pentaport Rock Festival, Greenplugged Festival, MBC Nanjing (tv show), KBS TOP BAND (tv show), TBS FM  and more. They have also performed at international festivals in Japan (Japan Music Week) and Taiwan (Spring Scream Festival).

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