Kevin Heintz [Vocals + Guitar],

Dave Holden [Drums],  

Lee Yeonsu [Bass],

Do Joongmo [Guitar] 


Magna Fall is a four-piece rock band basedout of Seoul, South Korea.

Formed in 2010 by original members David Holden (drums) from Ireland, and Kevin Heintz (guitar/vox) from USA, they were later joined by Do Joongmo (lead guitar) and Lee Yeonsu (bass) in July 2013.

Magna Fall have released two EPs (“Japan” 2012 and ‘Space Kitchen’ 2014) and one 3-track single album (‘No Mirror’ 2013). Their fourth-coming full-length album, 'Mad Metropolis', is scheduled for international release and digital distribution in late March 2017.

In the past six years, Magna Fall have evolved and distinguished themselves in Seoul's burgeoning independent live music scene.Identifying themselves as "stoner prog-rock" (a sub-genre which could

include bands and projects such as Red Fang, Eagles of Death Metal, Royal Blood, and Them Crooked Vultures, among others), their sound and and style incorporate classic and grunge-era rock (such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Nirvana, and STP), while blending elements of progressive rock (in the mold of Yes, Rush, Radiohead, TOOL). The result is a driving, simple, ri -based model that surprises with odd time signatures and weird ourishes in all the right places.

Magna Fall have made regular TV and radio appearances in South Korea throughout the years (Top Band 2, MBC Nanjang, TBS Radio etc.) and have played in a host of festivals and collaborations across the Korean peninsula, including top festivals Pentaport Rock Festival in 2013 and Greenplugged Festival in 2014. They have also performed at international festivals in Japan (Japan Music Week) and Taiwan (Spring Scream Festival).

With the release of their highly-anticipated rst full-length album, Magna Fall hope to re-ignite the excitement among fans they experienced during and after the release of their earlier EPs and to gain ew levels of visibility and credibility in Seoul's fast-growing hard-rock scene. This might be the perfect album for the mood and context of the country they call home--capturing its essence in all its hi-tech, high stress, hyper-capitalist glory. 


The band

Kevin Heintz

Vocals, Guitar

History: Magna Fall (2011 to date): 2012 ‘Japan’ (EP) / 2013 ‘No Mirror (Singles) / 2014 ‘Space Kitchen’ (EP) 2017 ‘ MAD METROPOLIS ’ LP Bastards of Bupyeong (2010) ‘BOB’ (EP) Ephraim Zenh (2005-2009) ‘Autonomy’ 2007 (LP)

Lee Younsoo


History: Magna Fall (2013 to date) 2014 ‘Space Kitchen’ (EP) 2017 ‘ MAD METROPOLIS ’ LP Band Met (2008-date): 2008 ‘Kurt Sin’ (Single)/ 2009 ‘Woo City’ (Single)/ 2009 ‘Waht Happen’ (Single) / 2010 ‘In an- other Place’ (Single)/ 2012 ‘Have We MET’ (EP)/ 2012 ‘I’ (LP)/

David Holden


History: Magna Fall (2011 to date): 2012 ‘Japan’ (EP) / 2013 ‘No Mirror (Singles) / 2014 ‘Space Kitchen’ (EP) 2017 ‘ MAD METROPOLIS ’ LP Bastards of Bupyeong (2010) ‘BOB’ (EP)

Do Joongmo


History: Magna Fall 2013~ 2014 ‘Space Kitchen’ (EP) 2017 ‘ MAD METROPOLIS ’ LP/ Band Met 2012~ 2 studio full length albums / First Round Heroes 2009~2011 (bass) / Chanters Alley 2011~ 1 studio EP / Gate owers 2013 - live ses- sion MBC Nanjang / Evendust 2009~ 2011 / Soul Steady Rockers - studio session / Baek Da-Bin - studio session/


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Mad Metropolis” LP (2017 - Chili Music Korea)

1. Overture 2. A Big Drag (Title) 3. Lost Dog 4. Dust 5. ConsumeHer
6. Not only...but also... 7. Descending 8. Throw a Brick 9. Woman Down 10. Underneath the Picnic Tree 11. Mad Metropolis Suite 



“ConsumeHer” SINGLE (2016 - Chili Music Korea) 



“Space Kitchen” EP-- (2014 - Chili Music Korea) 



“No Mirror” SINGLE-- (2013 - Blossomland) 



“Self-titled (Japan-EP)”- (2012 - Magna Fall/ Mirrorball Music)